In daily management, Kings Rock Tools highly advocates green production, pay attention and promotes safety production, environmental protection, energy saving and consumption reduction, public health and other work, to build a good image of "responsible enterprise".

In November 2012, in response to the national carbon peak carbon neutral call, improve the quality of atmospheric ecological environment, Kings Rock Tools under the advocacy of the municipal Bureau of Ecological environment, spend more than 15 million CNY, purchased the advanced natural gas energy saving kiln, replace the old coal gas furnace kiln. After transforming into energy-saving kiln, not only save energy, reduce the cost. The new equipment runs more stably, the product defect rate is reduced, the quality is upgraded, the working environment of workers is improved significantly, and the hidden danger of production safety is eliminated.

In the daily production and manufacturing process, Kings Rock Tools stick to use green recyclable raw materials, and all the scraps, defective products, wastes produced in the production progress of hollow rock drill steel and rock drilling tools, can be recycled by steel mills for smelting, make all the materials in the supply chain can be recycling.



On November 2022, after strict measurement, monitoring and evaluation of environmental performance, Kings Rock Tools had meet the needs of social environmental protection and sustainable development, successfully passed the ISO45001:2015 environmental management system certification, which is the recognition of our company's continuous environmental management and sustainable development.

At present, the discharge of domestic wastewater, dust and noise of the company all meet the standard requirements. Since our establishment, there has been no penalty from the competent administrative department or complaints from relevant parties. Kings Rock Tools has won the honor of "Advanced Unit of Building a Beautiful Henan Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Competition" and "China Excellent Energy Conservation and emission Reduction Green Environmental Protection Enterprise".

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As an original manufacturer of premium rock drilling hollow steel and tools, we ensure that you will always get the right rock drilling tools, knowledge, support and perfect solution for your operation.


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