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For these early, non-fatigue bulks of rods failure (failure and broken at beginning of shank end, broken etc), please notify our company for timely treatment and avoidance of repetition of similar problem (by telephone, fax, e-mail).The notification shall include the following main elements:


a. Used air compressor model ,rated pressure /maximum pressure ,gas storage capacity ,how many sets of rock drills a compressor match with ;


b. Used rock drills model,air pressure,air consumption ;


c. Rock type and hardness (for uniaxial compressive strength ),construction sites (out door,underground ,tunnel ,others ),drilling life ,drilling method (down –type,horizontal type,fan form work,others );


d. Statistics of rod early failure;


After recipe of notification, the marketing department shall hold quality analysis meeting with quality control and production and delivery department, and give feedback and resolutions within 48hours.

Due to the drill rods work site harshness and complexity ,the quality claims shall be presented on base of bulk failure ,which means the early failure happens to 8-10 working rods in the same work conditions.

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