Henan King Rock Tools (Kings Academy) Entered the Hometown of Laozi

  There is a Luyi star in the sky and a Luyi city on the ground. In Zhoukou, Henan Province, there is a county famous at home and abroad for being the "hometown of Laozi" and admired by the world, which is Luyi. For thousands of years, people have been drawing wisdom from Laozi's thoughts and exploring Laozi's philosophy of life, which is based on the law of nature and the unity of heaven and man.


   On December 7, Henan Kings Rock Tools Co., Ltd. organized the " Kings Academy" students to enter Luyi, the hometown of Laozi. In "Ming Dao Palace", "Tai Qing Palace", "Laozi Museum", "Laozi College" and other places, to explore the philosophical wonders hidden behind the "Tao Te Ching", and personally feel the Laozi culture of the national classics.


  Under the leadership of the staff, the personnel of "Kings Academy" went into the Three Qing Halls and the Three Holy Mothers' Halls of Taiqing Palace, and the Yingxi Hall, Xuanyuan Hall, and Peace Monument of Mingdao Palace in order to listen carefully to the story of Laozi and realize the "Taoism and Nature" of Laozi culture.

They took photos together in the Hall of Thousand Kings to understand the essence of Laozi's idea of natural life, to cultivate the universal values of Chinese civilization, and to show the spiritual and cultural pursuit of Kings, which is only truthful a


Five thousand subtleties are practiced all over the world, and moral thoughts have been passed down through the ages. Laozi's thoughts have transcended generations and borders, inspiring mankind to accumulate virtue, and to live in harmony with the light. Today, as we build a community of human destiny, it is our historical responsibility and mission to disseminate Laozi's thought to the world.unity, goodness is like water, and virtue carries things.

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