Kings Rock Tools participated in the group standard review meeting of "Drill rods for Drilling Rig" and "Hollow Steel for Heavy drill Rod"

Sun Shasha, director of R&D Department of Henan Kings Rock Tools Co., Ltd., attended the review meeting of group standard submission held by China Steel Structure Association in Huludao City, Liaoning Province on February 28, 2023

At the review meeting, Professor Gan Hairen of Changsha Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgy Co., Ltd. reported the background, technical content and solicitation of opinions of the regulations. The expert group of review chapter by chapter on "drilling rig and drill rod", "hollow steel for heavy drilling rod" carried out a careful and detailed review, and put forward suggestions and suggestions for modification. Members of the Group responded to questions raised by the Expert Group.

After discussion, the review expert group thought that the standard content is comprehensive, the main technical indicators are reasonable, innovative, practical and operational, unanimously agreed to pass the review of the "drill rods for Drilling Rig", "Hollow Steel for heavy drill rod" submission.

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