To promote the upgrading of industrial products, the masters of heavy-weight drilling tool gathered in Zhoukou

Henan Province, on May 18, 2021, the China Steel Structure Association held a meeting which invited the executives of many major domestic manufacturers to gather in Zhoukou to introduce their own experience in the production of drilling tools, and also invited Mr. Geng Xuemin, the former general manager of Boart Longyear Company, to introduce the management and technical experience of foreign manufacturers of drilling tools in detail, The secretariat of the Association also systematically introduced the types of drilling carriages and supporting drilling tools.

The theme of this meeting: brainstorming and putting forward our own views and opinions on the next development of our drilling tool products. It was mentioned in the meeting that the jackhammer hydraulic drilling rig will still have a huge market space in the field of drilling and blasting engineering in China, and the number of domestic drilling rigs and imported drilling rigs will continue to increase, which will put forward more requirements for the market demand, quality requirements, product types and structural forms of drilling tools for hydraulic drilling rigs.

The representatives present today are senior executives and technicians who have been engaged in the production of drilling tools for a long time. Through this meeting, they hope that they can establish new development concepts and promote the further development of domestic drilling tools.

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