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KINGS ROCK TOOLS' Extension Rods, designed for transmitting percussive energy in rock drilling, are ideal for bench drilling and long hole drilling, ensuring high efficiency and durability.

Tapered Rod

Tapered rods are specialized tools commonly used in drilling applications, particularly in mining, quarrying, and construction. These rods have a tapered shape, usually with a larger diameter at one end that gradually reduces to a smaller diameter at the other end.

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R38 extension rod in South Africa

An R38 extension rod is a specific type of drill rod used in percussive drilling operations, commonly in mining, tunneling, and construction. The "R38" designation refers to the thread type and size of the rod.

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Kings rock tools

As an original manufacturer of premium rock drilling hollow steel and tools, we ensure that you will always get the right rock drilling tools, knowledge, support and perfect solution for your operation.


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