Requirements for drill holes in rock drilling and blasting operations

1. Hole straightness
  Hole straightness is with the type of rock and natural conditions, the selected mining method and the choice of mining equipment and the greater variability of factors. In horizontal and inclined drilling, the weight of the drilling tool also affects the offset of the hole. When drilling deep blast holes, it is important that the drilled holes be as straight as possible so that the charges are accurate and the desired blast results are obtained.
  In some types of rock drilling operations, deeper holes are often drilled, and the straightness of the holes is required to be extremely high, such as: pipe holes or cable holes. Even the requirements for water well holes are very strict in order to allow the installation of pipes and pumps.

  The use of different types of guiding equipment, such as guiding bits, guiding tubes and guiding rods, improves the straightness of the hole. In addition to the offset of the borehole itself, the direction of the hole is also influenced by factors such as the degree of adjustment of the advance beam and the accuracy of the opening. So considerable precision is required in this area. Studies have shown that more than 50% of borehole deflections are due to irrational propulsion beam adjustments and poor openings.
2. Hole stability
  Another requirement for the drilled hole is to keep it stable until it has been used for charging or other purposes. Under certain conditions, e.g., when drilling loose material or soft rock zones, it is important to use a drill rod or hose to go down the drilled hole.

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