Precautions when working with rock drill

  When the rock drill fittings are stuck, the thrust of the shaft should be reduced, so that it can be gradually normalized. If it is invalid, stop the machine immediately. First, use the wrench to slowly rotate the rod, and then open the medium air pressure to make the rod slowly rotate, prohibit the use of hammering the rod to deal with. Often observe the discharge situation. When the discharge of powder is normal, the mud flows slowly down the hole; otherwise, blow the hole strongly. If still ineffective, should check the water hole and shan adapter state, and then check the water needle situation, replace the damaged parts.

    When operating the upward type rock driller, you should pay attention to the amount of air given to the air leg to prevent the rock driller from swinging up and down and causing accidents. The support point of the air leg should be reliable. Do not hold the machine too tightly and do not ride on the air leg to prevent injuries and damage to the machine. Pay attention to the rock condition, avoid perforating along the laminations, joints and fissures, prohibit hitting the residual eye, and observe the danger of roofing and ganging at any time. To effectively use the hole opening function. An important part of the drilling process is the opening of the hole, which is accomplished with a reduced impact pressure and a fixed propelling pressure. The propulsion pressure should be as low as possible in order to make it easier to open holes in very steeply inclined rock faces and also to avoid bending of the drill rod.

    The rock drill accessories should rotate slowly when opening the hole, and then gradually switch to full operation after the depth of the hole reaches 10-15mm. In the process of rock drilling, the drilling rod should be made to advance in a straight line according to the design of the hole and be located in the center of the hole. In the rock drilling should be reasonable test drive shaft thrust. Shaft thrust is too small, the machine produces jump back, vibration increases, rock drilling efficiency is reduced; shaft thrust is too large, the rod is tightened at the bottom of the eye, so that the machine operates under overload, it is easy to prematurely wear out the parts, so that the speed of rock drilling is slowed down.

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