What are the precautions for mining drill rod?

The following matters should be noted during the loading and unloading :

1. Before removing the drill rod, ensure that the protective wire is tightened intact.

2. To avoid rough loading and unloading, because this may drop the underground mining drill rod out of the pit.

3. Do not fall when unloading the drill rod, and do not let the drill rod ends collide, because even if there is a guard, the thread may be damaged.

4. The unloaded mining drill rod must be neatly stacked together.

5. The thread of each joint must be cleaned and dried before entering the well. The thread and bite surface of the female joint must be evenly coated with thread oil.

6. When the drill rod is lowered into the buckle, the end of the male joint shall not impact on the shoulder of the female joint table.

7. Avoid forcing on threads that are poorly combined, otherwise it will cause serious damage.

8. When the drill rod is put in the elevator, do not let the elevator or hook hit the shoulder of the female connector.

9. After the use of the drill rod, it is necessary to clean the exterior and interior with clean water, and apply anti-rust oil on the joint and shoulder.

10. The damaged drill rod shall not be run into the well again, and the damaged male joint shall not be connected to the undamaged female joint.

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