How to maintain drilling rod and bit?

1. When the new drill bit is under drilling, it should be used with low axial pressure and low rotational speed for 20-30 minutes, and then gradually increase to normal axial pressure.
2. When opening a new hole with a new drill bit, pay attention to removing debris around the hole (messy rocks, scrap metal objects, etc.), while rotating, ventilating and releasing slowly, close to the surface, to prevent stagnant drilling and impact damage to the drill bit.
3.When working in soft rock layer and replacing the drill bit in the middle of the process, we should strictly check whether the alloy teeth on the palm back and tooth wheel of the old drill bit have fallen off to the bottom of the hole, and forbid the use of the new drill bit in the original hole if there is any residue of the old bit.
4. When the drilling rig is shut down, the drilling tools should not be parked in the hole with water to prevent the rock slag and water from flowing backward, entering the bearing and damaging the drill bit.
5.When working in the rock with cracks or rock cracks produced by blasting and in the hollow area, reduce the axial pressure and rotational speed to prevent the teeth from breaking.
6.When the drilling tool is in the hole, reverse rotation is strictly prohibited to prevent the bit from falling.
7.When the drill bit is in the hole and the air compressor suddenly stops working, the rock slag is very easy to enter the drill bit, so it is strictly prohibited to rotate for a long time, which will lead to bearing wear, repeated rock slag crushing (or jamming), and accelerated wear of the drill bit.
8.During normal perforating operation, the main air circuit of the air compressor should not have serious air leakage, so as to ensure sufficient air volume and pressure and prolong the service life of the drill bit.
9.The rod stabiliser should be replaced regularly to ensure the stability of the drill rod so that the drill bit can work normally.

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