Construction Advantages of Geological Drill Rod

    In the construction of building projects, geological drilling rods and anchor drilling rods mainly act as active reinforcement and stabilization of rock and soil, and are generally used in conjunction with other forms of drilling rod structures. Specifically, one end of the anchor is anchored into the soil (rock) body, while the other end is connected with various other forms of drilling rod structure, which plays a stabilizing function through the tensile effect of the rod, combined with the friction effect of the deep soil layer to realize.
    Because geological drilling rods and anchor rods have the distinctive feature of strong adaptability, so in general will not be restricted by the depth of the pit, so it can be used flexibly, and can be used with a variety of other drilling rods, the common use of a diaphragm wall and an anchor drilling system,  pile row anchor drilling system, soil nails anchor drilling system, and so on.
  In the construction of foundation pit project anchor technology is more widely used, and also has better economic benefits. In general construction projects, the depth of geological drilling rod anchored into the ground between 10 to 20 meters, the deepest can reach more than 30m, the effective anchoring section must be greater than 4 meters, while the diameter of the drilled hole is controlled between 90 to 130 mm, if the project has special needs it must be reamed. Usually, the tie rod will be selected according to the project needs of different types and roots of high-strength steel wire, steel hinge wire or thick steel bar composition, anchor technology advantages are more obvious.

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