The application condition of drill rod

Drill rod is a steel tube with a bonded end that is used to connect the surface equipment of a drilling rig to the drill milling equipment or bottom hole device.The purpose of drill rod is to transport drilling mud to the drill bit and together to raise, lower or rotate the bottom hole device. Drill rod must be able to withstand great internal and external pressure, twisting, bending and vibration. Drill rods can be used several times during the extraction and refining of oil and gas.

 Explanation on the conditions of use of drill rods:

1.The rated torque of the selected drill rod should be greater than the high torque of the drilling rig. The rotational speed of the drilling rig should be less than the rotational speed of the drill rods (the impact on the drill rods caused by the rotational inertia of the drilling tools is less than the rated torque of the drill rods).

 2. In a certain stratum, when the sum of the weights of the completely unexpanded rods does not enable the drilling teeth to eat into the primary soil layer, it is not permitted to drill with friction drill rods.  

3.When drilling inclined holes with friction drill rods, it is necessary to guide the drill rods well in the direction of expansion and contraction when using shields and drilling tools, and the angle of the centerline between the rod joints is not allowed to be more than 0.4 degrees.  

4,.Drilling vertical holes, drilling tilt over the "JTJ041-2000 technical specification for highway bridge construction" on the hole slope of the provisions, easy to cause damage to the friction drilling rod.

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