How to maintain the drilling rod

After the first drilling or 50 hours of application, the drill rod should be proper maintain and inspected for the first time. The key strip on the drill rod has low compressive strength, and will be pressed in the short term, resulting in burrs. After 50 hours of application or a pile is made, the drill rod should be opened and the burrs should be ground off to avoid the burrs causing banding of the drill rod when the drill rod is skewed. Drill rod joint wear-resistant band is a barrier with a certain total width and a certain thin thickness along the upper orientation of the joint circle.

Drill rod joints are an integral part of the drill rod and are divided into male and female joints, which are connected at both ends. In order to enhance the connection strength of the joint, it is necessary to increase the wall thickness of the rod body in the joint area, which can be categorized into three forms according to the way of thickening: internal thickening, external thickening, and internal and external thickening. Checking and correcting the straightness of the casing, the checking and correcting of the straightness of the casing should be carried out on the level ground before the construction of drilling and biting piles. First check and correct the straightness of single section of casing, then connect all the casing configured according to the length of the pile to check and correct the straightness of the whole casing.

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