What are the advantages of button bits?

For borehole excavation, where horizontally orientated machines drill holes in the ground, and when the bit reaches the end of the borehole, the pipe is connected and pulled back through the hole, the flexibility of the ball and socket bit, along with its excellent tensile strength and abrasion resistance, has made it the preferred choice for borehole excavation techniques. Ball and pinion pipes can be utilised under rivers, lakes and roads to minimise environmental and public disturbance, and the use of less invasive ball and pinion systems is more cost-effective than the use of open methods.   
    In addition to their excellent physical properties, ball bits have minimal environmental impact, require less energy to manufacture than non-plastic pipework, are lighter in weight, less costly to transport, and flexible, plus require fewer fittings, the physical advantages of ball bits in mining equipment are significant, reduce disruption when compared to the installation of other fusible products, do not release toxins into the ground or water during production, fusion and use Toxins are not released into the ground or water during production, fusion and use, and recyclability is high.  
    Brazing tool body wear affects load capacity and should be checked for overloading based on accumulated wear. Inspecting all brazing heads after each job will ensure that the equipment is safe and sound for the next use. After inspection, braze heads can be categorised into grades, some may be badly worn and need to be downgraded, but as the grade decreases, so does the range of work available, until they are discarded. Thorough inspection is vital and needs to be able to withstand the load capacity, failure to do so may result in the separation of the drill column, all the consequences of which can lead to significant time and costly visits, impacting on operational efficiency, as well as production safety.
    Ball tooth braze bits should be calibrated for downhole conditions wherever possible, different configurations work better on different formations, braze bits wear out due to wear and tear, and drilling engineers choose the right braze bit for the type of formation encountered.


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