How to choose a rock drill bit?

Rock drill bit is a kind of drill bit used in rock drilling project, it has specific structure and selection method, the following is a detailed introduction in this regard.
I. Product structure
Rock drilling bit mainly consists of bit body, brazing tail, bit nozzle, blade and centre shaft. The body of the drill is the main part of the drill, which is generally made of high-strength steel, in order to withstand the impact and abrasion in the process of rock drilling. The tail is the part that connects the drill rig to the bit, and it has specific connection threads to match the drill rig. The bit nozzle is the foremost part of the drill bit, which is in direct contact with the rock and achieves rock drilling by breaking the rock. The blade is the core part of the drill bit, which absorbs the impact loads during the drilling process and also exerts a certain pressure on the rock. The centre shaft is the part connecting the blade and the drill body, which can transmit torque and impact load.
Second, how to choose the product
The selection of rock drill bit is a very important part, which directly affects the efficiency and cost of rock drilling. When choosing rock drill bits, you need to consider the following aspects:
1. rock type: different kinds of rocks have different hardness, density and crushing difficulty, so you need to choose the suitable rock drill bit according to the rock type.
2. rock drilling depth: different types of rock drilling bits are needed for different depths of rock drilling projects, generally speaking, the deeper the depth of rock drilling, the larger the diameter of the drill bit needs to be used.
3. drilling efficiency: drilling efficiency is one of the most important indicators for selecting a rock drill bit, taking into account factors such as the service life of the drill bit, the feed rate and the effect of rock crushing.
4. Cost: The price of rock drill bit is one of the important factors to consider when choosing rock drill bit, you need to choose the right rock drill bit according to the actual situation.
Rock drill bits have the following advantages:
1. High efficiency: rock drill bits are made of high-strength steel, with high service life and feed speed, which can improve the efficiency of rock drilling.
2. Wide range of application: rock drill bits are suitable for different types of rocks and engineering needs, and can adapt to different rock drilling engineering environment.

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