What to do if your drill pipe is clogged? Try these methods

Drill pipe plugging is a common problem during drilling, and when it occurs, it can cause some distress in well operations. However, clogged drill rods are not an unsolvable problem. Here are a few ways to get through the rods so that you can cope better.
First, use the drill pipe square
Using drill pipe square is a common method to pass the rod. Before dealing with it, you need to prepare the drill pipe square and other corresponding tools. Firstly, insert the drill pipe square into the blocked drill pipe and gently rotate it until it passes through the pipe. If this is unsuccessful, try adjusting the angle of the drill pipe or using a larger drill pipe square.
Second, water pressure through the rod
Water pressure through the rod is the use of water through the rod. Set a certain pressure of water pipe at the place of blocking the drill pipe, and inject water into the drill pipe. The strong pressure of the water will gradually wash away the blockage, so as to achieve through the rod.
Third, electric hammer through the rod
Electric hammer through the rod is to use the vibration force of the hammer to pass the rod. Usually the hammer head is connected to the drill pipe connector up and down, and then start the hammer, let it vibrate, the vibration force can shake off the blocked material, so as to realise the through-rod.
The problem of blocked drill pipe can be well solved by the several methods mentioned above. However, before using any of these methods, you need to confirm and implement comprehensive safety measures to avoid unnecessary injuries and property losses caused by improper work.

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