How do you take out a broken drill rock bit?

1、Use the drill bit extractor
Firstly, wait for the drill bit to cool down after the drill is locked. Then, use a bit extractor to remove the broken bit. A bit extractor usually consists of a set of small drill bits and a deep hole centre chuck. For smaller diameters and lengths of broken bits that are more than 5 times the diameter, a larger diameter bit extractor should be used.
2. Hole drilling for extraction
If the location of the broken bit is shallow, you can use a small drill bit and drill out machine to make a hole and remove it. Firstly, use a small drill to drill a hole a few millimetres larger in diameter than the broken bit, then simply remove the broken bit from the punched hole.
3.Digging out
If the broken bit is deep and in a bad location, you can use a metal cutter or grinder to dig out the metal around the deep hole. After removing part of the metal, the broken bit will be exposed and you can gently take it out.
4、Use magnetic chuck
Using a magnetic chuck is also an effective way to take out the broken bit. Use pliers to hold the magnetic chuck in place, then insert the chuck into the hole and bring it close to the broken bit. When the collet makes contact with the broken bit, the bit will be held. Extract the bit smoothly upwards until it is free of the machine.
In addition to the above methods, if none of the above methods work, you may consider calling in a professional to ensure safety and success.

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