How to choose the drilling rock tools or its features?

Drilling rod is an indispensable part of rock drilling tools, and many projects need the assistance of rock drilling brazing tools. The drilling can drill through the rock with high efficiency, safety and reliability, and save a lot of manpower. Then how to choose rock drilling tools?

  1.Look at the appearance, must see whether the material, shape, size and length of the drill rod are in accordance with the rock drilling brazing tool;

  2. We should choose the suitable drill rods according to the power of rock drilling tools and the hardness of rock;

  3. choose the drill rods according to the diameter of rock drilling brazing tool, depth of rock hole and link requirement of rock drilling brazing tool;

  4. in general, under the condition of meeting the requirements, the drill pipe interface and cross-section of rock drilling brazing tools should be selected.

  From the user's point of view, the selection of rock drilling tool products should have the following characteristics.

  (1) High-quality rock drilling and brazing tool products:It is usually required that the braze-tail products have a long service life in order to reduce the time required for disassembling and replacing the braze tails. The requirements for drill pipe and bits are also quite high, as drill pipe can not only be lost, but also wasted drilling. Due to the high degree of automation of hydraulic rock drills, operators do not need to pay a lot of labour intensity in normal production, while disassembling drills to replace drill tails, salvaging broken bits or grinding bits not only wastes man-hours, but also increases the operator's labour intensity and labour costs. Therefore, users are not only concerned about the price of the product, but also the quality of the product when choosing the drill bit.

  (2) Rock drilling rate:In the dolly operation, except for the labour remuneration and drilling tool purchase cost, other man-hour cost is regarded as fixed cost, and the drilling tool cost accounts for higher cost in rock drilling. Therefore, increasing the rate of rock drilling means reducing the construction cost.

  (3) gunhole deflection: in medium and deep hole drilling and blasting, gunhole deflection refers to the reduction of charge and the shortening of gunhole spacing, resulting in a reduction in yield. Therefore, the straightness of the drilling hole is required to be high and the error is small. Hole entry error, hole calibration error in the drilling process of the drilling tool and straightness error are the main causes of hole skew. Well deflection caused by drilling tool structure becomes the main cause. With the deepening of the drilling depth, the degree of deflection will be aggravated, resulting in a waste hole. The way to reduce well deflection is to use guided rock drilling tools.

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