2023 China Rock drilling tools annual meeting

2023 China Rock drilling tools annual meeting


Henan King Rock Tools (Kings Academy) Entered the Hometown of Laozi

There is a Luyi star in the sky and a Luyi city on the ground. In Zhoukou, Henan Province, there is a county famous at home and abroad for being the "hometown of Laozi" and admired by the world, which is Luyi. For thousands of years, people have been drawing wisdom from Laozi's thoughts and exploring Laozi's philosophy of life, which is based on the law of nature and the unity of heaven and man.





Dates: 9/25/2023 - 9/29/2023 At Cerro Juli, Arequipa, Peru Booth No.: 815/816



From 24 to 27 April 2023 At Parque Fisa, Santiago – Chile Booth No.: 1-A20


Kings Rock Tools participated in the group standard review meeting of "Drill rods for Drilling Rig" and "Hollow Steel for Heavy drill Rod"

Sun Shasha, director of R&D Department of Henan Kings Rock Tools Co., Ltd., attended the review meeting of group standard submission held by China Steel Structure Association in Huludao City, Liaoning Province on February 28, 2023


Kings Rock Tools Co., Ltd. give living materials to help the production of "Sanxia" in its hometown

In summer,2022, on the occasion of the busy farming season of "summer harvest, summer planting and summer management", General Manager Gao and the company's office staff went to the surrounding villages and towns of Yaoji Township,


General Manager Gao organized condolences to the sick family members of the staff and mobilized the staff to offer love

In winter, 2020, after learning that Wang Guoyi's family member was seriously ill, Gao Shencai, the general manager of Kings Rock Tools Co., Ltd. and the retinue went to Wang’s house to condole him and give him some help in medical expenses and living materials.


To promote the upgrading of industrial products, the masters of heavy-weight drilling tool gathered in Zhoukou

Henan Province, on May 18, 2021, the China Steel Structure Association held a meeting which invited the executives of many major domestic manufacturers to gather in Zhoukou to introduce their own experience in the production of drilling tools

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